About the Erasmus + MME Project


MME: Motivating and Meaningful
Education in a rich learning environment + new Following-Up project: Cross Disciplinary Education.

The world is changing rapidly. ICT and robots change the needs of the world of work. The Strategic Framework for European Cooperation and Training 2020 and the 21th century skills give us a policy and a set of tools to meet these challenges. But the learning environment in which pupils best can develop and enhance their skills are mostly not taking into account.


Pupils don’t experience the needs, wishes and demands of the changing world while at school. They are not motivated. In the MME 1.0 preparatory project we developed tools, ideas and best teaching practices to motivate pupils and to give them meaningful education. The partners in this preparatory project agreed to continue on the chosen path of Motivating and Meaningful Education. They move further towards open and innovative education and a curriculum where different subjects will be clustered and the support of ICT and multimedia will be an integral part of didactics.

A 21th century learning environment therefore looks quite different, as well as the role of the teacher and the mindset of the pupil. So, if there are questions as:

– How can I motivate my pupils by making use of Cross Disciplinary Education (CDE)?
– How can I do this with the help of ICT-tools?
– How can I connect to the learning styles and learning needs from my students?

With CDE it’s all about improving motivation, concentration, the use of ICT and challenging assignments.
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