About the Erasmus + MME Project


MME: Motivating and Meaningful
in a rich learning environment. Experience an increase in pupils with learning and behaviour problems.

This project wants to diminish early school leaving & dropout, demotivation and underachievement of pupils in secondary education and pre-VET education. The project will give the pupils – via their teachers – stimuli as ‘meaningful learning’, ‘learning from the real world’, and ‘personalized learning’. Directions to the teacher how to (re)organize their didactics and classrooms will be given by the ‘Seven Principles’ theoretical model. Better performance in the 21th Century Skills will be the outcome and is therefore the (learning) goal. So, from modelling, via organization, to outcomes.

So, they have questions as:

– What can I do to keep the attention of my pupils?
– What can I do to motivate my pupils?
– How can I connect to the learning styles and learning needs from my students?
The Seven Principles-model gives answers to these questions. The Seven Principles are all about motivation, concentration and challenging assignments and therefore about mechanism of learning.

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